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Bariatric Rehabilitation Congress 9-11 November 2011 in Copenhagen, Denmark
- 360 around the bariatric patient




Additional speakers
We are proud to introduce you to more of the interesting speakers you can both listen to and meet at BRC2011.



Annette Ilfeldt
Private practicing Clinical Psychologist, Denmark

Authorised and specialised in Psychotherapy and Supervision. References from Private Practising Doctors through the Danish Welfare Social Security System since 1995. Specialised in Obesity and other eating disorders treating individuals, couples and families, since 1987. Developer of the educational program for health counsellors using her books: “Together you can manage”, 2002 and “The Obesity of fat”, 2005. Has co-authored a new textbook of bariatric patients in collaboration with Jette Ingerslev. The book is scheduled to be released in August / September 2011.

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Subject at BRC2011:
Obese as an “eating disorder”


Jane Greve
Sociologist, Ph.d., Denmark

The main topic in her Ph.D. thesis was an investigation of different aspects of obesity in Denmark, including analysis of the effect of maternal employment on child obesity, the effect of obesity on employment and wages, and the relationship between obesity and demand for medical care.
Currently, Jane Greve is researcher at the Rockwool Foundation Research Unit in Denmark. Her current research includes studies on socioeconomics differences in obesity, evaluation of initiatives aimed at reducing child overweight, and studies of the relationship between parent’s employment and children’s lifestyle. Jane Greve has published books and peer reviewed articles on the topic of “health economics”.

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Subject at BRC2011:
Overweight – an increasing problem, point of view sociologist

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