XXL-Rehab Newsletter no 8, 2011



Bariatric Rehabilitation Congress 9-11 November 2011 in Copenhagen, Denmark
- 360 around the bariatric patient


Workshops on stage
Besides an intensive program with speakers from around the world there will be various workshops on stage each day of the congress.

Each workshop will last approximately 1 hour.

Workshop 9 November
Schwerpunkt, Holland: transfer of bariatric patients

Workshop 10 November
Tom Spring, MS, USA: exercise for bariatric patients

Workshop 11 November
Michael Dionne, PT, Ph.d.: transfer of bariatric patients + safety

Main subjects at BRC2011
BRC2011 is both an international congress and exhibition focusing on bariatric rehabilitation.
The main subjects at the congress are:

• bariatric aids
• psyche
• weight loss
• exercise/activities
• nutrition
• hygiene
• skin/wound care
• handling of patient
• safe transfer
• surgery


BRC2011 is intended for physicians, nurses, wound nurses, occupational therapists, ergonomic consultants, physical therapists, dietitians, psychologists, orderlies and Transfer Supervisors.

Read more about BRC2011 at http://brc2011.com/



Kind regards

Keld Jørgensen & The XXL-Rehab Team