XXL-Rehab Newsletter no 24, 2011







Bariatric Rehabilitation Congress 9-10 November 2011 in Copenhagen, Denmark
- 360 around the bariatric patient




Why participate at BRC2011 – statement from participant

OT Allan Christensen
was in no doubt when he booked his ticket to BRC2011:

“I have registered BRC2011 because in future we will have more bariatric citizens at our institution. These people often have complex problems (ex. eating disorders, immobility, pressure sores, pain, hygiene) which give staff interdisciplinary challenges, also in terms of the working environment. BRC2011 gives an update on the latest knowledge in this area and through this our working place can handle various challenges better and more appropriate for citizens and staff."



BRC2011 Diploma for participation
When you participate in Bariatric Rehabilitation Congress 2011 you will receive a personalized diploma for participation at the end of the congress.


Less than 2 weeks to go – book now!
You can register directly at www.brc2011.com until 7 November 2011.

Registration fee is only EUR 583,- (ex. VAT) for both days.


Kind regards


Keld Jørgensen & The XXL-Rehab Team