XXL-Rehab Newsletter no 22, 2011



Bariatric Rehabilitation Congress 9-10 November 2011 in Copenhagen, Denmark
- 360 around the bariatric patient


Statements from speakers at BRC2011
We have gathered a statement from Nurse Nis Kaasby and OT Malene Alexandrowiz who - among other issues – will be talking about this topic at BRC2011: Occupational therapists and nurses need not fear obese patients

For many occupational therapists and nurses the first meeting with an obese patient is an overwhelming experience.

They are rarely prepared for this particular challenge, but it need not be.

Nurse Nis Kaasby:
“One problem is that nurses do not necessarily meet these patients very often, so they are never quite comfortable with it. There will be more and more bariatric patients at the hospitals so it is very important that nurses learn how to tackle them. This patient group also often has sequela, and we often find that they first contact the hospitals when they've had a problem fairly long because they fear that health professionals would condemn them and think that it's their own fault,” he says.

Nis Kaasby’s subject at BRC2011:
Importance of working with other groups internally, interdisciplinary and care of intensive patients

OT Malene Alexandrowiz:
“It need not be so difficult to handle bariatric patients. If the OT has the right bariatric aids and knows how to use them, it's not that hard. One of the most important things is that you know the difference between the various body types. Both the two types of apple shape and the three pear shapes. It is also important that the OT knows how big body reacts.

I've just been contacted by an OT, who were dealing with a man of 180 kg and he had a tendency to pee on the floor, although he sat down. The reason was that the OT was not aware that he could not sit on a raiser with a standard seat depth at a 90 degree angle with his stomach. You need to know this in order to help the patient,” she says.

Malene Alexandrowiz’s subject at BRC2011:
Seating & handling, all about body types and bariatric aids




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