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Bariatric Rehabilitation Congress 9-10 November 2011 in Copenhagen, Denmark
- 360 around the bariatric patient


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Friday, September 2, 2011

Bariatric Rehabilitation Congress

"One of the most interesting booths here at the International Federation for Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders in Hamburg is that of a small Danish exhibitor that specializes in bariatric wheelchairs, beds, mattresses and other devices.
This company, with the name XXL Rehab, has evidently put considerable research and expertise into the development of their products - and while I have seen many such devices and mobility aids before, I was particularly impressed by the considerable thought, research and testing that has gone into this particular line of products.
Indeed, the long conversation I had with the young and most enthusiastic owner Keld Jørgensen, was absolutely delightful and educational.
Although this company has yet to expand in North America (they’re still working at expanding in Europe), there is a clear need for such products - certainly not something you can find in your local mobility or medical aid stores.
Interestingly, XXL Rehab is organising a Bariatric Rehabilitation Congress (BRC 2011) in Copenhagen in November, and, from what I see on the program, this two-day meeting (Nov. 9-10, 2011) will certainly be a most interesting meeting for any European colleagues interested in topics like patient and provider safety, skin care and hygiene, exercise interventions, seating and handling and other relevant issues."
Hamburg, Germany



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Here you can download the latest BRC2011 brochure and read much more about the congress.

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