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Bariatric Rehabilitation Congress 9-11 November 2011 in Copenhagen, Denmark
- 360 around the bariatric patient




Additional speakers
Let us introduce you to another two interesting speakers at BRC2011.


Claire Corbyn
Clinical Nurse Specialist, England

Claire is trained as a Registered Nurse, and has also trained and practised as a Midwife. For 2 years she has been a Tissue Viability Nurse in the community in West Berkshire. During this time she has been involved in the management of bariatric patients, working closely with the Clinical Nurse Specialist for equipment. Managing bariatric patients in the community to maintain skin integrity and heal wounds has been a challenge.

In 2009, with a colleague, she produced an article for Wounds UK relating to the management of a bariatric patient with a Category 4 pressure ulcer.

Read complete profile here

Subject at BRC2011:

Care of bariatric ulcer wounds 


Kathe Adsersen
OT, Denmark

Kathe Adsersen is trained OT from the Occupational School of Aalborg, Denmark, and works as local OT granting aids and appliances for disabled persons. Among other things, Kathe has acquired experience in dealing with bariatric patients, including aids designed for caregivers and nurses working with bariatric patients.

After 20 years as an overweight person Kathe became a bariatric patient herself, having had a gastric bypass in 2009. Consequently, the problems of being a bariatric person and patient are well-known to her. Kathe has gained an insight into the importance of being ready for the operation both at a physical as well as psychological level.

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Subject at BRC2011:

Own experience with surgery, expectations and outcome (personal + jobwise)



Read more about all speakers at www.brc2011.com

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