XXL-Rehab Newsletter no 10, 2011



Bariatric Rehabilitation Congress 9-11 November 2011 in Copenhagen, Denmark
- 360 around the bariatric patient




Additional speakers
Please find information about two additional speakers at BRC2011.


Nis Kaasby
Nurse, Denmark

Nis Kaasby has several years of experience working with bariatric patients on the ICU at Aarhus University Hospital. He is participating in two project groups to ensure bariatric repositioning and rehabilitation during critical care therapy through guidelines and focusing on interdisciplinarity. He is currently studying Nursing Science at the institute of Public Health at Aarhus University.

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Subjects at BRC2011:

1) Mobilisation + care of intensive patients
2) Importance of working with other groups internally 




Tom Spring

Tom earned a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from Oakland University in 2000 along with a graduate certificate in Complementary Medicine and Wellness. He has worked in a variety of areas of health and exercise science including non-invasive cardiology, clinical weight management, corporate & community health promotion, physical/occupational therapy, and personal fitness training.
Currently, Tom is Programs Manager of Corporate and Community Health Promotion for Beaumont Hospitals and Beaumont Business Health Strategies in Metropolitan Detroit and oversees a wide variety of related programs and services. Tom also serves as a consulting content expert in exercise science and health promotion for a variety of organizations and education providers.
Tom has authored numerous published scientific papers and abstracts and has authored and/or co-authored 4 book chapters related to exercise science.

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Subject at BRC2011:

Exercise intervention and outcomes for bariatric patients

Tom Spring has workshops on stage on 10th of November.

Read more about all speakers at www.brc2011.com

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