XXL-Rehab Newsletter no 45


Bariatric Suits make a difference at NHS hospital for understanding bariatric patients

An NHS hospital in Leicester, England, has purchased Bariatric Suits to teach nurses and doctors how to handle, and empathise with, the morbidly obese.

The hospital in Leicester has had 350 obese patients admitted in four years.

Nick Howlett, who has run Leicester’s patient mobility unit for 15 years, says the bariatric suit helps staff learn how to lift obese people safely and assist them with walking and sitting up in bed.

He adds: “As it is inappropriate to practise the procedures on real obese patients, it was very difficult to visualise how you would move somebody of that size. Now this bariatric suit means we can have a model where we can practically demonstrate all the safe lifting procedures.

But the suit also has another purpose: allowing the doctors and nurses of Leicester to experience the challenges of being obese first-hand.
Empathy for the obese patients can be a really difficult problem. Bariatric patients are often being discriminated and staff really don’t know how to cope. But wearing this suit will aid their understanding of the struggles faced by the obese.”

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